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Home 2 Office has been supplying Leeds water coolers ever since its beginning. As a company we have continue to provide the best service in water cooler installation and delivery and have always prided ourselves on achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

When you call us, you are not calling a national call centre – you’re calling a local customer service team who can respond to your enquiries quickly and efficiently and ensure your experience with Home 2 Office runs as smoothly as possible.

What Kinds of Water Coolers Do We Offer?

Our collection of water coolers varies greatly, offering you the very best in style, budget and practicality.


Our plumbed-in water coolers give excellent reliability and longevity as a permanent source of fresh filtered water. By being connected directly to your main water supply on installation, a plumbed-in water cooler removes the need to think about refills, meaning you can simply enjoy pure, filtered water whenever you want.

Our plumbed-in range comes in a range of styles, including Mogul, Cascade; Blizzard and Glacier. Each one has unique functions and capabilities, so be sure to take a look at all of the coolers we have to offer, or call us for help and advice.


Bottled water coolers are a less permanent solution – perfect if you’re going to need to transport your water cooler or change its position in the office frequently. These are not plumbed in to the main water supply, but instead carry large canisters of water up to a size of 3L. A regular delivery of refills can be purchased from us to ensure you never run out of filtered water.

Styles of bottled water coolers we offer include Everest, Borg & Overstrom, Mogul, Glacier and Avalanche. Many of these brands and styles are also available in a plumbed-in variation too.

Hot Water Boilers

Want freshly boiled water on tap? Fed up of waiting for the office kettle to boil? Then look no further than our hot water boilers!

Each one with a capacity of up to 27 litres (per hourly output); our hot water boilers make the preparation of tea and coffee a doddle. Not just for the office – these boilers are also great for hospitals, schools, cafeterias, or for catering large events.

Stay Hydrated with a Leeds Water Cooler

Why get a water cooler in the first place? Water coolers are becoming an increasingly common fixture in many homes, offices, schools, hospitals, airports and shopping centres all over the world. Besides providing easy access to cool, clean and often filtered water on a regular basis, having a water cooler to hand is also a good way to incorporate more water in our diets.

It is a well-known fact that good hydration is essential for things like:

• Concentration and focus
• Improved digestion and immune system
• Healthy joints and better mobility.

So give us a call and try a water cooler for free today!

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Need Water coolers in Leeds – Just call us now!

No matter where you’re situated in the Northwest, Home 2 Office water coolers are only a phone call or mouse click away. Our water cooler delivery service covers the following areas:

We can offer a wide range of water coolers to suit your needs. Call us on our help desk line 0151 546 5445.

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Would You Like a FREE No Obligation Quote for a Water Cooler & Delivery?
  • FREE 14 Day Trial
  • Nationwide Delivery Available
  • Best UK Prices
  • Friendly & Reliable Service