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Supplying Water Coolers to Southport for Over 10 Years

Water coolers are an integral part of keeping your staff happy and motivated. They are a place where you and your employees can take a few minutes away from their work to relax and rejuvenate. They are also able to supply your workforce with fresh, cool water so they are well hydrated thereby keeping energy levels high and making sure the brain is active.

Home 2 Office have been providing top class office water coolers for Southport and its surrounding areas for many years now. We deliver hundreds of gallons of water to locations in the area every single day and pride ourselves on the close working relationships we have with these customers. Give us a ring on 0151 564 5445 to discuss the products we have on offer and what we can do for your home or business.

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Why you should choose Home 2 Office

When you choose Home 2 Office, you will not get a busy national company where you are just a number. We are an independent company based in Knowsley Business Park, just a short hop away from the M57, that caters exclusively to local business and home owners. This means we are able to get to know the people we work with well and ensure that we are on hand should you have an enquiry. Every customer will have a dedicated account manager who will handle all the questions and comments you have. Furthermore, if there does happen to be an issue with the cooler, we have an assistance team that are able to respond to the problem very quickly. When there is a problem, it is generally solved within just 48 hours of reporting it.

We believe that our Southport water coolers are the most reliable you will find. We are confident that you will love them too. To prove this, we are letting customers have a 14 day free trial of our water coolers before you commit to a contract with us. We hope you will see how simple they are to use and how much they help your office.

More information about our water coolers

Home 2 Office has a variety of coolers to suit every style of office or home.

One of our most popular ranges is our plumbed-in coolers which supply water directly from the mains. This allows for an unlimited supply of hot or cool water throughout the day – perfect for an office with a lot of staff members. These can come as floor standing coolers or as water fountains. They are available in white, silver and graphite colours. Similarly popular are our bottled coolers that attach a plastic tank of water to a filtration system that you can access by flipping a switch. Allowing you to access hot water as well as cold water, the bottled water coolers are robust and user-friendly. These come in white, silver and graphite as well.

Need water coolers in Southport? Just call us now!

No matter where you might be based in Southport, Home 2 Office can supply you or your business with water coolers. You are only a phone call or a mouse click away from having a stylish and reliable facility for keeping you or your staff hydrated throughout the day. We have a wide range of products to suit your needs. Call us when its suits you on our help desk line at 0151 546 5445.

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Benefits of Water Coolers

Water is vital for all known forms of life on Earth and there is simply nothing better you can put in your body than water. Water allows the body to work and function correctly, without it the body would dehydrate and cause serious problems.

A water cooler at a place of work allows everyone to have access to cold, fresh water to help rehydrate the body – many office workers find themselves dehydrated from perspiration and diuretic drinks such as Coffee.

Next time you’re at the office ask yourself “am I getting enough water?” health professionals state that everyone should drink around 8 glasses a day. Try it tomorrow and see how much water you’ve had. If you find yourself nowhere near 8 glasses a day then maybe it’s time to call Home 2 Office Water coolers!

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Would You Like a FREE No Obligation Quote for a Water Cooler & Delivery?
  • FREE 14 Day Trial
  • Nationwide Delivery Available
  • Best UK Prices
  • Friendly & Reliable Service
Would You Like a FREE No Obligation Quote for a Water Cooler & Delivery?
  • FREE 14 Day Trial
  • Nationwide Delivery Available
  • Best UK Prices
  • Friendly & Reliable Service