Plumbed-in Water Coolers

Traditional bottled water coolers require some maintenance as their tanks must be refilled or replaced. However, Home 2 Office also has a range of plumbed-in water coolers that entirely remove the need to do this.

Plumbed-in coolers are connected to the water mains at your home or office which is then filtered through our water cooler to make it perfect for drinking. This provides you with access to clean, filtered and refreshingly cool water with just the flip of a switch – literally. You do not have to replace the water, it will just be fed through the plumbing straight to your cooler. These items are ideal for high volume users – for example, large offices or home gyms where water consumption is higher than normal.

Home 2 Office, one of the most popular independent suppliers in this industry, has a range of different plumbed-in water coolers customers can choose from, all of which come with an array of unique features. These include state-of-the-art temperature control, fan assisted cooling and both hot and cold water options. The products we have available to interested customers are the Everest mains water cooler, Borg & Overstrom water cooler, Mogul water cooler, Cascade water cooler, Blizzard water cooler and Glacier water cooler.

Our business is based in Merseyside and provides water to businesses and houses around the county and its surrounding areas every day. The plumbed-in water coolers can be set up at your location just 48 hours after you have ordered one. Furthermore, the team is well located to deal with any questions and issues you have regarding the product. We can also deal with any problems in just 48 hours.