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Home 2 Office has been providing the best service in water cooler supply and delivery in Wirral for many years, and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

When you call us you are not calling a national call center; you are calling a local customer service team who can respond to your queries quickly and efficiently, ensuring your experience with Home 2 Office is a pleasant as possible.

The Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

Water coolers are fast becoming a must-have accessory for many homes, offices, schools and public buildings (such as hospitals and shopping centres). As we learn more about our bodies and the health challenges we face, staying hydrated is now one of the topmost priorities for any organisation or individual, and water coolers help us do just that.

As humans we require enough water to continuously renew all of our major organs, tissues, muscles and skin cells; not to mention our brains, which are made of 85% water. Many workplaces have reported on the increased productivity of their workers when all teams have easy access to fresh drinking water and are encouraged to drink regularly throughout the day. The benefits of a hydrated workforce include faster problem solving; better concentration for longer periods; improved mood; a more positive work ethic, and increased visual perception and mental alertness.

Many schools and colleges are also starting to introduce water coolers into their classrooms and canteens for the same reasons. Students who are hydrated have been known to experience better concentration, more energy and improved understanding of new information. They are able to effectively make the most of their study time and stay alert and focused in class.

Why Get a Water Cooler From Us?

Home 2 Office has a range of different water coolers in Wirral to suit your environment and your budget. As well as the typical bottled water coolers, we also offer plumbed-in coolers and hot water boilers, so you can have hot water on tap as well. All water is freshly filtered to offer the best quality to you and your family or workforce.

Not sure whether a water cooler is for you? Then try our free 14-day trial on all bottled water coolers. We’re also happy to have a chat over the phone if your requirements are a little more tricky – just request a call back via our online contact form.

Types of Water Cooler

Our most popular type of water cooler is bottled, meaning water is filtered and stored in transparent canisters ready to be drawn from whenever. This makes them really easy to be transported or moved around the office, and there are several different shapes and sizes to choose from. Refills can also be bought.

On the other hand, if a continuous supply of water is what you need, our plumbed-in water coolers could be right for you. These are connected directly to your existing plumbing supply and will filter and chill the water before it is dispensed. Although they take longer to install, they remove the need for constant refilling and act as simply another tap in your workspace.

Meanwhile, our hot water boilers are fantastic for offices that like their tea and coffee. With a consistent supply of hot water on tap, you can forget having to wait for the kettle to boil. Simply fill up the boiler at the start of the day and you’ll have enough fresh hot water to fuel your workforce all day long.

We also offer regular delivery of bottled mineral water straight to your office; including glass-bottled water, both still and sparking.


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  • FREE 14 Day Trial
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Would You Like a FREE No Obligation Quote for a Water Cooler & Delivery?
  • FREE 14 Day Trial
  • Nationwide Delivery Available
  • Best UK Prices
  • Friendly & Reliable Service