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Home2Office Water Coolers are proud to hydrate some of the UK's largest brands. With clients ranging from 1 to 100 coolers and throughout the UK, we are fully equipped to deal with any order large or small.

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Depots throughout the North West of England

Offices throughout the Northwest of England. We have a fleet of vehicles ready to deliver to purest sources of Scottish Mineral Water to your home or office.

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The finest Scottish Mineral Water
Our Natural Mineral Water is one of the most refreshing, purest sources of Scottish Mineral Water.Avalable in a range of bottle sizes, our water can be delivered weekly to your home or workplace.Bottled directly from source in the heather and forest clad hills of Central Scotland. Located at the site of an Artesian Well in Lanarkshire.

Home2Office Water Coolers Liverpool

Home 2 Office water coolers is one of the largest independent water delivery companies in Liverpool and the North West of England. We specialise in the supply of natural bottled mineral water, first class bottled water units and plumbed in / mains fed water dispensers. We also supply a range of Hot Drink Vending and Janitorial Supplies.

Coolers are an essential part of any office. Having a supply of cool water close to hand, your staff will be able to remain refreshed and motivated throughout the day. This is important for maintaining a healthy and happy workforce – so much so that it is now part of the law to provide an adequate supply of drinking water at a place of work. We provide office water coolers to help you achieve this and delivery a regular supply of water to keep them fresh too.

Liverpool has a great history that spans over hundreds of years, and saw the city begin as one of the country’s main ports and trading cities, and evolve into a city full of culture and substance. As the home to The Beatles, as well as two major football clubs (Liverpool FC and Everton FC) and plenty of shops, bars and restaurants, it is no surprise that Liverpool was voted Capital of Culture for the UK in 2008. Liverpool is a beautiful city, with impressive architecture that you need only travel to the famous Liver building to see, and is a great place for any blooming businesses looking to start up.

You will find that when you reach out to Home 2 Office you will find a local customer services team ready to help you who know Liverpool and the surrounding areas well. They will be able to help you with any enquiries you might have and make sure that you are left satisfied with your Home 2 Office experience at the end of it.

Water Dispensers We Provide:

There are three types of water dispensers we have available are:


The classic style of water cooler, these are filtration systems with a large plastic bottle attached to the top. When a flip switch is activated the water will pass through the system and out of a small faucet where you can access healthy, refreshing and delicious cool water. There are a number of different varieties available for this type of cooler so you can customise it perfectly to your home or office.

Plumbed In

This type of water dispenser provides an endless, unlimited supply of water. They can be connected to the plumbing at your building. When activated the water will be pumped through the mains, passing a filter that makes sure it as healthy as possible. The cooler will also chill the water to make it refreshing. This is among many features that are available across our wide range of coolers in this category.

Hot Water Boilers

Home 2 Office doesn’t just provide water coolers though; we are also specialists when it comes to hot water. We have a number of products available that can allow you immediate access to hot water so you never have to wait around for the kettle to boil again. Our hot water boilers will keep water heated so that when you crave a cup of tea or coffee all you need to do is flip a switch to access instant warm water.

All of these coolers can be installed within 24 hours.

Fresh Water Delivered Directly to Your Door

At Home 2 Office, we pride ourselves on being able to provide professional and reliable water delivery service in Liverpool. Our dedicated team work around the clock so that they can make sure all of our water coolers are delivered at the correct times on the requested delivery days. Working throughout Liverpool means we have a lot of area to cover in our journeys to deliver our coolers, and you can see our range as we deliver to the following areas:

  • Anfield
  • Bootle
  • Childwall
  • City Centre
  • Garston
  • Gateacre
  • Kirkby
  • Speke
  • West Derby

And all other areas of Liverpool and North West!

With plenty of businesses and companies working within Liverpool, like the Echo Arena, Kellogg’s and Holiday Inn Express being just a few of the major brands that we work with, there is also a wide variety of technology parks and business centres, the city is full of places that are looking for reliable and useful water delivery and cooler units, which we at Home 2 Office are happy to provide, meaning we often find lasting customers after our first delivery.

Home 2 Office is the most popular and well-trusted supplier in the region. Based in a 3000 square foot modern warehouse in Knowsley Business Park just yards from the M57 motorway, we are ideally situated to deliver throughout the Northwest.

Our local head office means that we are close by whenever you have a query. You are not dealing with a national company when you choose Home 2 Office; you are dealing with a local customer service team that cares about your every need. You will be given a designated account manager and a promise to deal with any problems within 48 hours. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our customers and strive to give them the best service we can.

Fill in our online forms or give us a call for a quote on our delivery service.