Alkaline Water From Aqua Hydrate

Alkaline water has a range of health benefits, and has been said by many to be the best water to drink when it comes to our general health. Alkaline water gets its name from the pH levels it holds. Normal, or “neutral” water, is around a pH7, with alkaline water coming in at around 8 or 9 on the pH scale. The scale reaches 14, and it’s thought that the higher the alkaline in water, the more likely it is to neutralize the levels of acid in your body. However, as Alkaline can have a rather intense taste when it tops the scale, alkaline water usually sits at an even 8 or 9 on the pH scale. Alkaline water is also said to hold anti-ageing properties, hydration benefits for the skin, and promote weight loss in those looking to shed a few extra pounds.

What makes it special

One of the leading manufacturers of alkaline water, Aqua Hydrate, always ensures that their alkaline water is free from contaminants, toxins and that their products are packed with minerals and electrolytes. Their product is always purified, and aims to give you water that both quenches your thirst and supplies you with essential minerals that you may need. With no added sugars, preservatives or anything else considered nasty for our bodies, Aqua Hydrate has recently hit the UK – and our alkaline water is directly supplied by them. Taking off in the US, the water has been endorsed by companies and celebrities alike, making it one of the more popular bottled water products on the market today.


One of the biggest differences between alkaline water and everyday water is that alkaline water is packed with calcium and minerals that aid in hydration and performance. A handful of athletes and celebrities, including Mark Wahlberg, swear by drinking alkaline water and enjoy its benefits every day.

Although this water is great for athletes in terms of ultimate hydration and mineral consumption, alkaline water is also said to aid in slowing the ageing process, improving general health and aid in the healing on the body. Alkaline water also boasts minerals that improve circulation, aid metabolism, and heal the body from harmful toxins. As well as this, it’s thought to hold properties that help our bodies to detox and cleanse.

Research into alkaline water has discovered that not only is the product better for us, but that the higher pH can help those with regular heartburn, indigestion and other stomach acid related illness.

More about Aqua Hydrate

Aqua Hydrate endorsed by Mark WahlbergCreated and purified to a high standard, Aqua Hydrate is placed through a rigorous process, to ensure that it is raised to an alkaline level of PH9. Once this has been done, the water is also supplemented with vital minerals to keep you working throughout the day and hydrate you well, especially if you’re engaging in demanding physical activities.

Water that is highly alkalized is host to a significant amount of electrolytes compared to other types of water. Aqua Hydrate works with you to keep you balanced, physically, during the day – giving you the energy you need, when you need it, all without added sugars, preservatives, or empty calories.

New to the UK, this brand is perfect for athletes, busy workers, or for those with an active family. For more information on the latest in purified water, or to find out how you can order your very own bottle, get in touch today.