The Top 5 Best Water Coolers for Your Office

Are you looking for the best water coolers for your office? Water coolers are a common feature in many environments, from education to business. They offer the efficiency of pure water at an ideal temperature.

A water cooler is also much more stylish and professional than offering tap water to employees, clients, or guests. Whether you prefer bottled water or a plumbed-in water dispenser, these are the best water coolers for your office. We have a cooler for every budget and preference.

Everest Bottled Water Cooler

The Everest Bottled Water Cooler is a slim two-toned water cooler from Crystal Mountain. Its black and grey body with a high-gloss finish will complement any office space. It is one of the best water coolers because it is extremely convenient.product-bottled-everest

Firstly, the faucet handles are 7 inches higher than on most water cooling units, which means that dispensing water takes much less effort. Secondly, the reservoir and faucet assembly along with the side panels are removable for easy maintenance. The front panel is replaceable with an optional integrated cup dispenser for more convenience.

Specifications: 1053mm High x 359mm Wide x 342mm Deep
Supply Type: Bottled Water

Borg & Overstorm Premium Water Cooler

The Borg & Overstorm Premium Water Cooler blends classic with contemporary. The unit has a curved design to give it a more modern feel and is available with a classic silver or graphite finish. This is the best choice of bottled water cooler if you want it to be a stylish but nondescript part of the office landscape.product-bottled-borg-3

It is not quite as convenient as the Everest, but it is a popular executive water cooler in its own right. It also fits in well as a home water cooler because it is simple to maintain and use. The sturdy unit construction ensures that the cooler will keep its functionality for a long time.

Specifications: 1070mm High x 325mm Wide x 370mm Deep
Supply Type: Bottled Water

Cascade Mains / Plumbed Water Cooler

The Cascade Mains-Fed Water Cooler is a high-volume point-of-use water cooler. It is ideal for office use because it has a simple but robust design to ensure durability. The fan-assisted cooling means that the unit can offer water at two temperatures, which are cold and ambient.Cascade plumbed in water cooler

This would cater to more people, as some people find ice-cold water refreshing, but some people might have issues with sensitive teeth. The concealed taps are more hygienic, offering water at the press of a button. There is also the option to install this water cooler with a plumbed-in waste facility, depending on the location.

Specifications: 1015mm High x 390mm Wide x 360mm Deep
Supply Type: Mains / Plumbed

Blizzard Mains-Fed Water Cooler / Fountain

The Blizzard water cooler/fountain hybrid unit is a self-contained water cooler and drinking fountain which stands on the floor. The bubbler valve and goose neck tap are easy to drink from or to fill up a cup or bottle from. It is not only unique because of its solid yet gently curved design, but also in the way that users can drink directly from it.Blizzard Plumbed In water cooler

Since it recalls the style of a drinking fountain found commonly in schools, the unit can help to bring a fresh, community feeling to an office. Its light grey colour recalls a granite texture. It is more artistic in appearance and like all other water coolers – better than tap water.

Specifications: 1180mm High x 410mm Wide x 410mm Deep
Supply Type: Mains

Crystal Mountain Avalanche Desktop Plumbed-In Cooler

Size isn’t everything when it comes to water coolers, and the Crystal Mountain Avalanche Desktop cooler can prove it. This convenient compact water cooler is less than half the size of some of the mains-powered water cooler units above.Crystal Mountain Avalanche plumbed in water cooler

The desktop cooler can be fitted on a countertop and plumbed into the water supply, whether in the kitchen area, the main office area, or a meeting room. Its compressor cools the water quietly, and LED lights will indicate when the water is at the best temperature. The Avalanche aids in hydration whether you want hot or cold water. It is also available with cold only taps, and in 2 different colour choices (black or white).

This professional water cooler even boasts UV protection against fading, a removable tray, a touch guard for the hot faucet, a 5 Micronair filter for purification, and Tomlinson faucets which self-close.

Specifications: 419mm High x 330mm Wide x 368mm Deep
Supply Type: Plumbed-In