Bottled Mineral Water Delivery

Home 2 Office Water Coolers

The new 500ml Small Pack bottle from Home2Office Water Cooler helps you to enjoy the great taste of mineral water, wherever you are.

Home 2 Office Bottled mineral water is available in cases of 24 bottles and is conveniently delivered to your home or office with your normal water delivery.

Natural Spring Mineral Water

You may not be aware that within the United Kingdom “natural mineral water” is highly regulated and legislation states that natural mineral water must come from a source which is naturally protected; be of a constant composition and free from pollution and treatment.
Spring and re-mineralised water, however, can be treated, does not have to have a consistant composition and does not have to be bottled at source or specify its content.

Home 2 Office Water Coolers are therefore proud to supply our clients with 100% Scottish natural mineral water from our officially registered source in Kingshill, Wishaw.

Kingshill Mineral Water is located above an Artesian Well in Lanarkshire, which has provided drinking water for local people and passing trade since the seventeenth century when it was a watering hole on the Glasgow to Edinburgh stagecoach route.

In this age of intensive farming, Kingshill Natural Mineral Water remains extremely low in nitrates as it is in an area of woodland and has little farming activity.
With the introduction of “The Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottled Water Regulations 1998” from 1st April 1999, it is a distinct marketing advantage that Kingshill Natural Mineral Water is recognised as a Natural Mineral Water.

An Artesian Well

An an Artesian Well, water rises from an underground water-containing rock layer under its own pressure. Rain falls at one end of the water-bearing layer, or aquifier, and percolates through the layer. The layer fills with water up to the level of the water table. Water will flow from a well under its own pressure if the well head is below the level of the water table.

Main Benfits

The main benefits of Kingshill Natural Mineral Water is the calcium content, providing strength to bones and teeth and the low sodium content which makes it suitable for a low sodium diet.

Natural mineral water has been bottled on the Kingshill site for 14 years and more recently, purpose built premises have been erected to house modern bottling equipment and provide additional warehouse space.
The mineral water produced is one of the best available due to the natural filtration which takes place as the water passes through the strata.