A Guide to Domestic Water Coolers

When you think of water coolers, you might think that they belong in more commercial environments, like an office or a gym. There’s no reason that ordinary people can’t have water dispensers in their homes for everyday use. In fact, there is a wide variety of domestic water coolers for sale available. The difficult part is deciding which of the following types to go for. Find out more about the types of home water coolers available below.

Free-Standing Water Dispenser

A basic large point-of-use water cooler is the most straightforward option if you would like a chilled water dispenser that can be placed anywhere in your home.

A free-standing water cooler can fit in many places including corners without getting in the way. For example, this Mogul water cooler with 2 faucets can serve both Hot & Cold water anywhere you want. This particular water cooler is also available in a Cook & Cold model.

Bottled Water Dispenser for Home

A bottled water cooler is the preferred option for some people as it can be more affordable than plumbed in water coolers and offers greater flexibility when choosing the best place for it.

If you prefer pure water without having to worry about filtering tap water, something like this Everest water cooler could be ideal in your living room.

Tabletop Water Dispenser

If you simply need a small cheap water cooler to chill your bottled water and stay out of the way, a tabletop water cooler fits the bill.

This Avalanche water dispenser is designed to fit in smaller spaces, making it perfect for use in a bedroom for example. Imagine having cold water ready when you want it, right next to your bed.

Mains Water Dispenser

Investing in a mains-powered water cooler is the better option if you intend to install a water dispenser as a long-term solution in your home.

Connecting your water cooler to the mains means that you don’t have to keep refilling it, which is great for high volume use. An Everest mains water cooler could make a massive difference in busy homes such as houseshares.

Plumbed In Mini Water Cooler

Kitchen water dispensers might seem frivolous when you have a tap, but it’s all about the luxury of convenience. Having a water cooler in your kitchen means you don’t have to give purification or waiting for temperature adjustments a second thought.

You can even plumb in a water cooler without taking up a lot of space, like this Avalanche countertop water cooler.