How drinking water can help you lose weight faster

Many people think that drinking water as a method of weight loss is a myth, although it’s not a magical solution to eating healthy and exercising regularly, drinking water does aid weight loss.

Drink water before you eat

Drinking water before you eat a meal will suppress the feeling of hunger, tricking your body into thinking you’re fuller than you actually are, therefore you will intake fewer calories at every meal.

Drink more water

The more water you drink the better. Your body is made up of 70% meaning it is essential to keep hydrated for good general health. In fact, dehydration can be extremely dangerous often leading to hospitalisation. Even if you can’t reach the recommended 2 litres a day, the more you drink the more beneficial to your body. Installing a water cooler in your home can be a helpful way of reminding yourself to drink more water as you can fill up your cup every time you walk past it. To check if you’re drinking enough water check the colour of your urine; if it is clear or a light yellow colour your body is hydrated and healthy. If your urine is a dark yellow or brown colour you need to drink much more water every day other wise it will start to have a really negative impact on your body.

Water helps to boost your energy levels

Drinking water naturally boosts your energy levels allowing you to exercise for longer and harder, as well as feeding your muscles oxygen and nutrients making it less likely that you will have an injury involving your muscles.

Drink water ice cold

Drinking ice cold water helps boost your metabolism as your body works harder to heat the water up as well as cold water being more refreshing than room temperature water it will really help your body to burn off calories and fat faster.

Replace sugar and calorie filled drinks with water

Many people who are trying to lose weight struggle with giving up calorie rich drinks as they often forget drinks can be filled with sugar, artificial sweeteners and sometimes even fat that can be extremely damaging to your body. If you think drinking water is too plain or boring try adding a lemon slice as the pectin in lemon helps reduce food craving as well as regulating your blood glucose levels and removing toxins from your body.