Should you be drinking a gallon of water a day in 2020?

One of the most popular resolutions people make every New Year is to be healthier. From exercising more to kicking bad habits, there are lots of ways to do this. One of the easiest health improvement solutions that many people don’t think of is to simply drink more water.

In recent years, the 30 Day Gallon Challenge keeps popping back up as a way of drinking enough water. It’s possible to drink that much water in a day, but is it safe to be drinking a gallon of water a day? Here are the health benefits of a gallon of water a day – and the risks.

The Pros of Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day

Drinking Water Gives You More Energy

You won’t need coffee for a morning energy boost if you are drinking plenty of water instead. Your body will be able to sleep better and regulate your temperature better, meaning that you will wake up feeling refreshed in the morning and no longer fall victim to that early afternoon fatigue. This will also contribute to your ability to endure longer and more difficult workouts.

Drinking Water Reduces Eye Bags

Retention of water due to high sodium content in food can result in puffy eyes. Drinking more water will help to flush this out and reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Genes and lack of sleep can be the cause of dark circles under the eyes, but one of the most common causes for dark eye bags is dehydration. Rehydrating with plenty of water can help them to lighten.

Drinking Water Improves Digestion

Drinking water with meals is a great way to get your hydration levels up, but it’s even better to drink water before eating. This will help your digestive system to get going so that it can break down the nutrients in your food more efficiently. Drinking more water can alleviate uncomfortable digestive issues like constipation, which is often a result of dehydration.

Drinking Water Can Help to Prevent Headaches

Hydrating your brain will increase your brain function so that you can perform better mentally and physically. Dehydration is one of the most frequent factors causing headaches, so add drinking enough water into your daily routine and this can be a preventative measure against headaches. Drinking cold water can ease headaches due to dehydration from overheating.

Drinking Water Helps With Weight Loss

Replace fizzy drinks with water and you will soon see a difference due to the reduction in sugar. When you increase your daily water intake, you will feel fuller and no longer feel the need to eat snacks throughout the day. Dehydration can lead to hunger pangs and sugar cravings, so drinking water in the morning and afternoon can keep the munchies at bay.

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The Cons of Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day

More Water, More Thirst?

A lot of people who have tried drinking a gallon a day reported that they soon felt thirsty more often than before. Constantly gasping for a drink isn’t pleasant, but the reason that drinking more water can make you thirstier is that your body becomes used to the higher levels of hydration. As long as you keep up the lifestyle change, your body will thank you.

Does Drinking Water Really Help Your Skin?

Although drinking a lot of water can help with the appearance of the skin under your eyes, it’s debatable whether or not water actually benefits your skin. Water can help to make your skin appear plumper and clearer, but this does not always apply for everyone.

More Water Means More Bathroom Breaks

Obviously, the more you drink, the more excess liquid your body will need to get rid of. To drink a gallon of water in a day, you would need to be drinking consistently all the time. The outcome of this would then be needing to go to the bathroom more often. Eventually, your body gets better at regulating this, but at first you can expect to need the bathroom a lot more often.

Can Drinking Too Much Water Make You Ill?

Excessive water drinking is not advised by medical professionals due to the potential harmful effects. You might not think that drinking clean water could be harmful, but water toxicity is a real thing. If you drink too much water far too quickly, it can cause your sodium levels to drop to life-threatening low levels. This extreme is avoidable if you monitor your daily water intake.

Will Drinking Water Make Bloating Worse?

Drinking water can ease bloating if you do it right, but it can also have the opposite effect. If you chug too much water all at once it can actually cause bloating. Drinking too much water can make you feel uncomfortably full if your body isn’t processing it fast enough to keep up. Drinking more water than you normally do is likely to result in bloating as your body adjusts.

A Gallon of Water a Day: The Verdict

So, there are benefits and downsides to deciding to drink a gallon of water every day. Should you make this your goal, or should you stay within the standard limits of 8 glasses of water a day instead? It’s always worth a try to drink more water every day, but maybe not an entire gallon, which is twice the recommended minimum daily water intake. The best way to drink water is to set up a hydration reminder schedule and have easily accessible water for convenient refills. This is easy to achieve in the office or at home with a handy water cooler.