How To Clean A Metal Water Bottle

These days stainless steel water bottles are becoming more and more common. They’re more durable than plastic bottles, easier to clean and can help save the environment. Plastic bottles have been known to give water an odd smell or taste, and if you’re prone to notice these sensations, then making the switch to a stainless steel water bottle could be the perfect option for you.

Although some may argue that plastic water bottles are more sanitary than reusable ones, this simply isn’t the case. Single-use plastic bottles can leach harmful chemicals into your water each time you drink from them. However, metal water bottles are created to avoid this problem and are better for your health overall. But just how exactly do we keep them clean and sanitary? Below are our top tips on how to clean a metal water bottle.

Soap & Brush

With stainless steel bottles, it’s best to hand wash them only. If you have a bottle with a design or colour, the dishwasher can leave scratches and marks. When handwashing your reusable bottle, ensure you have a bottle brush and dish soap. A bottle brush will make sure that those hard to reach areas on the inside are cleaned thoroughly. These brushes are not too expensive and can be used for cleaning other items that have smaller/hard to reach areas.

Boiling Water

To ensure your water bottle is sanitary, use boiling water. Many reusable bottles are created to also keep hot liquids hotter for longer, so this cleaning method is safe. Simply pour in your boiling water and let it sit for a couple of hours. This will be enough to sanitise and remove any clingy odours from your bottle. You can also add dish soap for that extra boost of cleaning power.

Use A Vinegar Soak

If you want to know how to clean a metal water bottle in a different way, then why not try a vinegar soak? White vinegar is known for its sterile and cleaning properties and can help in removing any odours that your bottle has picked up. Simply fill your bottle a quarter of the way with vinegar and top it off with water. Then, secure the lid and shake. Your bottle will be like new overnight.

Bleach & Baking Soda

Another option you can try for if you’re wondering how to clean a metal water bottle is by combining baking soda and bleach. It might seem unhealthy, but ideally, you should only use half a teaspoon of bleach for this cleaning method. Simply add this along with a teaspoon of baking soda into your bottle and submerge it in warm water for a good clean. You can also omit the bleach entirely, as baking soda has cleaning properties all of its own.