How To Stay Hydrated Throughout Summer

Hydration is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it regulate your organ function, but it can also help to reduce your risk of kidney stones, stabilise your body temperature and help filter toxins from the body. It’s also important for brain function, as well as other important bodily functions such as bowel regulation.

During summer, the heat and humidity can mean that our bodies need more water and fluids to keep our bodies healthy and hydrated. Based on a 2004 report via the Food & Nutrition Board, men should be aiming to drink around 3.7 litres of water a day, and women 2.7 litres. But how exactly can we stay hydrated during summer without it becoming a chore? Below are some of our tips and recommendations for 2020.

Start Your Day Right

One easy way to stay hydrated is by starting your day with a glass of water. You can put this by your bed each night as a reminder to drink as soon as you wake up. In summer, we tend to sweat more during the night. Drinking as soon as we get up means that we replace any liquids lost during sleep.

Invest In A Reusable Water Bottle

A lot of people tend to drink water when they’re thirsty. However, when our bodies recognise thirst, it’s a sign that we’ve already lost some hydration. Keeping a water bottle nearby and drinking from it regularly will help you keep on top of your hydration in a more accessible way.

Install A Water Cooler

If you work from home or have an office in your house, a water cooler is a great way of introducing more water into your day. At Home 2 Office, we offer a range of plumbed-in water coolers that can offer hot and cold water throughout the day.

Don’t Substitute

Substituting water for alcohol can actually cause you to lose water due to its diuretic effect. If you do want to drink alcohol, make sure you’re also drinking water in between beverages.

Drink During Exercise

Ideally, drink up to 300ml of water every 30 minutes when exercising. This should keep your hydration levels up (especially in summer). Adding a sports drink to your routine will also help you to maintain an electrolyte balance.

Hydrate Through Food

Alongside water, you can also hydrate your body through certain foods such as watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers, all of which contain large amounts of water.

Try Coconut Water

Want to switch things up? Try drinking coconut water. Very delicious, it’s full of electrolytes and most brands offer the drink with no added sugar.