Instant Drinks That You Can Make at Work With Your Office Water Cooler

If you have instant access to chilled water or hot water via a water cooler or hot water dispenser in your office, then you could take advantage of this to bring some variety into your working day. It’s important to stay hydrated, but not everybody enjoys basic water, tea, or coffee. Here are some ideas for instant drinks that you can make when you use water from the office cooler.

Flavoured Coffee

Black coffee can be too bitter for some, and even milky coffee can taste bland. Make coffee more exciting by trying different flavours of instant coffee. You can get them in single-serve sachets or jars, caffeinated or decaffeinated, and just add them to hot water from the office hot water dispenser. Popular flavours include hazelnut, caramel, gingerbread, and vanilla.

Fruit Tea

There are so many varieties of tea out there that even people who claim to not drink tea would find a flavour that they liked if they tried. Fruit flavoured tea can be delicious either hot or cold. You can also try herbal teas for comfort and health. For example, lemon tea and honey tea are very popular, as is apple tea and strawberry, raspberry, or cherry tea.


Fruit juice isn’t to everyone’s taste, especially if it has pulp in it. An easy solution for many is to get a bottle of squash, cordial, or diluting juice. You can control how concentrated the juice is and get more out of the bottle overall. You can keep bottles of squash at room temperature and use cold water for a refreshing fruit drink, or even hot water if you’re under the weather.

Soft Drinks

This isn’t the healthiest option, nor is it likely to taste quite the same as cracking open a can of fizzy pop, but it’s possible to buy powdered soft drinks. There are popular American import brands which offer single servings of flavoured drinks such as soda and lemonade in powder form. Just add the drink mix to a cup of chilled water fresh from the cooler, stir it, and drink.


Another option for an occasional treat at the office is milkshake mix. Or, if you want to make it healthier, you could have a regular protein milkshake using a protein powder mix. You can also use powdered low-fat meal replacement milkshakes if you are on a temporary diet.

Instant Soup

Technically, soup counts as both a food and drink. If you need a small snack, lunch on the go, or something savoury and more satisfying than a hot drink or cold water, then make use of instant soup. It will be ready in a flash and won’t take long to consume either. The same applies for other instant foods like noodles or porridge for quick meals at work.