Is Bottled Water Good For You And The Environment?

We all know that water is the key to being hydrated. One way we can guarantee that water gets into our system every day is to carry around a water bottle. Now, reusable bottles can be found everywhere, but there are still a large number of the population drinking from single-use plastic bottles. With 480 billion bottles sold last year, the question “is bottled water good for you?” is still something we should be asking.

On average, bottled water can cost up to 1000 times the price of water from the tap, so why are we hooked on buying it? Does it taste better? Is it healthier? Well, there’s no evidence to suggest that it is. In fact, drinking water from a plumbed in water cooler might be better for you and your wallet. Buying a reusable bottle and topping it up can save you the price of buying single-use plastic bottles. When it comes to testing bottled water, there is no “one size fits all” approach, and so some bottled water can be tested less rigorously than others. Below are some points you should know about plastic water bottles.

Water Bottles Add To Plastic Waste

Although some plastic bottles can be recycled, the reality is that many are not, and end up on landfills or in the ocean.

It Takes A Lot Of Energy To Produce Plastic Bottles

Energy from fossil fuels is mostly used to create plastic water bottles here in the UK. It also takes a lot of money (up to 2000 times the price of tap water).

Plastic Bottles Can “Leach” Chemicals

When left in the sun, plastic bottles can become soft. When this happens, you may be able to taste plastic within the water itself. This is no coincidence. According to NPR, the chemicals in many plastic bottles can leak into their contents. One prime example of this is BPA, which is an industrial chemical used in the production of water bottles. When ingested, it acts like a hormone that can hinder the growth and development of babies.

Environmental Factors

Leaving the water aspect aside, the plastic we use for bottles has a huge impact on the environment. Globally, we use roughly 17 million barrels of oil to make plastic bottles each year. This isn’t sustainable, and our resources are slowly running out.

Water Bottles Take Up The Majority Of Landfills

In the US alone, it’s estimated that around 2 million water bottles can be found on landfills. These bottles can’t be recycled and will take nearly 500 years to decompose.

Plastic Bottle Production Wastes Water

Did you know that in order to make a plastic bottle, it takes more water than the bottle itself can hold? It sounds counterproductive, but it’s estimated that it takes roughly seven bottles of water to make one bottle.