Is Sparkling Water Bad for You?

A dental expert has warned that drinking fizzy water can damage your teeth, as the acidity in the water can wear down your enamel. According to Dr Edmond Hewlitt, sparkling water is much more acidic than flat (aka normal) water, and the fact that some manufacturers include additives in their water is making it worse.

When you drink fizzy water, it causes a chemical reaction in your body which produces carbonic acid. This is what gives the drink its taste, but it’s also what could be doing damage to our teeth. You should be particularly careful not to swish sparkling water around your mouth when you drink it. According to Dr Hewlitt, the damage that fizzy water can cause is not an area that has been researched in-depth by dentists, but many drinks including fizzy pop and juices are considered to be acidic, according to their PH level, and acidity is known to erode enamel.

If you are relatively healthy and you have a good saliva flow, and you avoid swishing sparkling water around in your mouth, you are at a lower risk of your enamel eroding. Dentists say that sparkling water is still a better alternative than drinking fizzy pop, but plain old mineral water is still the best option for your dental health.

Research by scientists also found that drinking fizzy water could make you put on weight, in comparison to drinking normal water. They have suggested that this is because when we ingest gas within a drink, it triggers a hunger hormone that can make us eat more.

If you’re after water that tastes good, but you’re worried about the effects of drinking sparkling water, why not try investing in a plumbed-in water cooler? You’ll get fresh, ice-cold filtered water which doesn’t damage the enamel on your teeth.