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St Helens water coolers
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Corporate Clients

St. Helens’ First Choice for Water Coolers

If you are based in St Helens and are interested in purchasing water coolers for your home or the workplace, you’ll find that we are the best water cooler providers that you can ask for. Our priority is to make sure your cooler is installed efficiently and that you won’t have to wait before you can begin drinking clean and cool water.

Home2Office have been providing incredible water cooler supply throughout St Helens for a while now, and as St Helens is such a major town in the Northwest it is important that we continue our presence within the area. As a major metropolitan borough located between Liverpool and Manchester, St Helens has a great industrial history related to their old glass factories, meaning that the town’s past industry is still celebrated in the city centre. With a major rugby team, the Saints, and several artistic and architectural sites you’ll find that St Helens is a perfect place for refreshing new businesses, and means that your business can truly benefit from starting a relationship with Home 2 Office.

Why should you choose Home 2 Office for water cooler supply?

Home2Office is a giant independent water cooler supplier that is based in Merseyside, with their warehouse based in Knowsley Business Park. Our base is around 15 minutes away from St. Helens, so you won’t be left waiting if you find yourself needing to contact Home 2 Office in an emergency. We’ll make sure that your delivery will be up and running within 24 hours of your order, and we will also offer a 14-day trial before you agree to a contract so that you can be sure you are completely satisfied with the service. But, because our service is so unique and impressive, we are certain that we will create a lasting relationship with all of our new customers.

We are happy to service areas all over St Helens, including:

  • Parr
  • Sutton
  • Haydock
  • Thatto Heath

And anywhere else you might find yourself based