Testimonials From Our Happy Customers

Leon McCowan – Your Business Mobile

“I just had to spend some time to feedback on our recent business with Home 2 Office water coolers after the unbelievable service we received and quality of the products supplied.

I spoke to Steve about the possibility of getting a water cooler in our office and he insisted on offering a free trial despite me being happy to place an order. This was great and made me feel like it was our interests at heart and not a sale.

The team from Home 2 Office came a couple of days later and spent time explaining to all our people how the machine worked and they were really friendly and left us feeling like we could call them if we had any problems at any time. This kind of personal touch is important and we value relationships with our own clients above all else so it was a great feeling to be dealing with a like-minded business.

Someone from Home 2 Office has been in touch every week since we took the coolers on just to check all was well and help us by prompting us to order water so we have never gone short of supply.

Finally, we were astonished at the cost, we called to make sure they hadn’t got it wrong as we were spending a lot more on small bottles of water in a day in our office than our monthly costs with Home 2 Office have been.

Thanks Again”

Robert – Red Rooves

I am not going to talk about your water, except it exceeds my expectations, and know if I am after H20, I know where to go.

When I first met with yourself, the one thing that stood out about your business, was your passion regarding the service the customer received and correcting the issues you have seen with other companies, some of which you had worked with. From dealing with your company, in which you have provided water coolers to my office, and to my mother, also bottled water to my home.

I can only say your service is fantastic, the coolers are serviced every 3 months as you stated, in which your staff turn up, they are professional, get the job done and leave. They are always punctual and well mannered.

The deliveries of the bottled water couldn’t be simpler, and the call to see if we need water is a great help, otherwise due to my busy schedule I would always forget to order any. It doesn’t matter if I need one or three bottles, your team takes the order, and delivers it when they say they will, which is a great assistance especially when you are delivering to my mother’s property.

All your team talk about how much they love working for your company as well, it shows they believe in your business model, as well as yourself. They see you as a team player not just a leader and that is a credit to yourself.

As above, if I or anyone I know ever needs h2o, I know where to send them

Many Thanks as Always,