What is in water – the truth about water from the tap

One of the questions you may find yourself asking throughout your life is what is in water – something we rely on daily but most people hardly know anything about.

Things get more complicated when you consider the differences between tap and bottled water. The tap water versus bottled water debate has been going on for years with some believing there is no difference between the two. However, throughout the years research has suggested that no matter how ‘safe to drink’ your tap water may be, it may actually be harming you internally without you realising.

water molecule

What is in water?

Water, scientifically known as the H2O compound may seem like a very simple thing. Those asking what is in water may be met with a simple and blunt ‘water is in water’ statement, but when we dive deeper into what is actually in our drinking water we may be shocked by the results. Water pollution is what scientists explore when talking about the bad bacteria in our drinking water. Water pollution is when our drinking water is infected with something other than just water, this could be bacteria or parasites or even pesticides.[1] Although most areas in the UK have ‘safe to drink’ tap water, it may still be from a water source that is affected by water pollution.

Some studies have shown that the risk of bladder cancer may be increased in those who frequently drink tap water.[2] Although this research took place in the United States, this fact is still worrying considering the levels of diseases and bad bacteria found in UK tap water sources are 15 times larger than that of the tap water in the United States.[3] One of the diseases found in UK tap water sources is Acanthamoeba Keratitis which is a disease that affects the cornea of the eye, other strains of the Acanthamoeba protozoa can also cause infections of the skin, eyes and central nervous system.[4]

These facts may leave you wondering whether your tap water is safe to drink whatsoever, water quality does differ from country to country and area to area but most areas of the UK have tap water that is marked as ‘safe to drink’. Although the water is considered safe to drink it does not mean that it does not have its risks. Unfiltered tap water can contain bacteria and compounds that filtered bottled water does not have.

The cost of individually bottled water is significantly higher than normal tap water and this may put some people off from investing in alternative water sources but if you have a water cooler installed into your home, you will have fresh, filtered and clean water to drink anytime in your home without the cost of expensive individual water bottles. The water that water coolers produce is purified from any of the bad things that you may find in tap water. Water coolers can also produce ice cold water which is perfect if you want a glass of water or if you want to fill up your own bottle to take anywhere with you. Water coolers also use much less plastic than bottled water making them a much more environmentally friendly alternative water source.