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Widnes water coolers
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Corporate Clients

Widnes Water Coolers

Are you based in Widnes and you’re looking for a water cooler to give you access to fresh, cool water? – Try our services at Home2Office.

Widnes is an industrial town that plays a huge role in chemical manufacturing. Alongside being a giant contributor to the chemical industry, Widnes is also a growing town that is seeing a new burst of life through it. With great cultural significance, the town not only has influenced multiple songs including ‘Homeward Bound’ by Paul Simon and ‘Watch your Step’ by Elvis Costello, but it also has a wide following with its Rugby League team, the Widnes Vikings. Based between Manchester and Liverpool, Widnes train station is located between these two major cities on their connecting train journey, so the town is easy to reach wherever you may find yourself based.

When you contact Home 2 Office, they always guarantee that your concerns will be registered immediately and, with our local customer services team, will ensure that any issues you may experience will be solved quickly by a member of our team who knows the area you find yourself in well.

Choosing Home 2 Office for Water Coolers in Widnes

Home2Office can deliver to many different areas throughout the North West of England, and our warehouse is based in Knowsley, which means that we can easily travel to Widnes to deliver your water cooler. Our handy location also means that if you experience an issue with the water cooler, we can quickly get to you and investigate the problem.

  • Halton
  • Fairfield
  • Lunt

And many other areas. Home 2 Office will deliver to any potential businesses and homes within the Widnes area, so you can find yourself gaining a new working relationship with the team if you are looking for refreshing water coolers in your office.